About ‘C.J.’

CJ Walsh - Architect & Fire EngineerC.J. Walsh   B Arch FRIAI MIBCI MIFS MIFireE

Consultant Architect, Fire Engineer & Independent Technical Controller.

International Expert on Sustainability Implementation.

Consultant to An Bord Pleanála, the Irish Spatial Planning Appeals Board.

Legally registered, in Ireland, as an ‘Architect’.


Contact ‘CJ’ … 

by e-mail: cjwalsh@sustainable-design.ie 

by phone (direct line): +353-86-8278575 … or locally at: 086-8278575


Twitter:  @walshcj69 ;  @firesafety4all ;  @sfe2016dublin


LinkedIn:   https://www.linkedin.com/in/c-j-walsh-8a14a2/


C.J. Walsh is a Member of:

International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), Task Group 87: ‘Urban Resilience – Benchmarking & Metrics (Performance Indicators)’ … and Working Commission 14: ‘Fire Safety’, in which he …

  • Chaired Research Working Group IV: ‘Structural Reliability & Fire-Induced Progressive Damage’
  • Chaired Research Working Group V: ‘Fire-Incident Human Behaviour, Abilities & Perception’ ;  

European Union (EU) Expert Group on Urban Environment Research & EU EYPD Expert Group on Accessibility-for-All ;

NSAI AASCC – National Standards Authority of Ireland, Accessibility-for-All Standards Consultative Committee … and … (CIB Liaison) International Standards Organization ISO TC59 SC16 & WG1: ‘Accessibility of the Built Environment ;

IFE – Institution of Fire Engineers … and … IBCI – Irish Building Control Institute.


New National System Introduced 2011

My First Legal Registration Certificate as ‘Architect’


He is a Life Member of the Institute of International & European Affairs (IIEA) in Dublin, Ireland.


C.J. Walsh is a Registered ‘Architect’ in Ireland and, by mutual recognition, in the European Union (EU).


International Projects:

   1.  C.J. Walsh is a major contributor to the revision of International Standard … ISO 21542: ‘Building Construction – Accessibility & Usability of the Built Environment’ (2011).  He also chairs the ‘Fire Safety for All’ & ‘Terminology’ Task Groups of the Standard’s drafting committee (ISO TC59 SC16 WG1).

   2.  He chaired CIB W14’s Research Working Group IV: ‘Fire-Induced Progressive Damage’ … a necessary fire research and innovation project which responded directly to the Structural Fire Engineering Recommendations contained in the 2005 & 2008 NIST(USA) Final Reports on the 9-11 WTC Building 1, 2 & 7 Collapses.  A CIB W14 Reflection Document was issued on 15 April 2012.

3.  He also chaired CIB W14’s Research Working Group V: ‘Fire-Incident Human Behaviour, Abilities & Perception’ … which examined building-related fire safety, protection and evacuation for People with Activity Limitations (2001 WHO ICF) … and … proposed an overall framework to facilitate future progress in person-centred design and update conventional fire engineering practice.  A CIB W14 Reflection Document was issued on 24 October 2015.



Sustainable Design International Ltd. (Ireland, Italy & Turkey)  is unique, internationally, for its high level of integration between sustainability research, architecture, fire engineering design and the technical control of construction.  This is due, with the support of his professional colleagues, to the drive and determination of C.J. Walsh, SDI’s Managing Director.



Some Highlights from CJ’s Professional Career …


In 1998, he contributed Ireland’s National Report to CIB Publication 225: Sustainable Development & the Future of Construction.  In 1998, he also drafted the European Charter on Sustainable Design & Construction.  Later in 2004, he drafted the Rio de Janeiro Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing, which was adopted at an International Conference in Brazil.


From 2000-2004 … he directed the European Fire Research Project: ‘Protection of People with Activity Limitations from Fire in Buildings’, involving Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Ireland.  During 2008 & 2009, he chaired the ISO TC 59 / SC 16 / WG 1 Task Group on ‘Fire Safety for All’ and was the major contributor of the fire safety related texts to a new ISO International Accessibility-for-All Standard, which was published at the end of 2011.  He is an acknowledged international expert on this complex aspect of Architectural and Fire Engineering Design.


In February 2007, he was First Technical Session Chairperson, and Keynote Presenter on ‘Sustainable Fire Engineering’, at the FSAI’s (Fire & Security Association of India) National Fire Seminar in Chennai;  later at the end of October 2008, he made a similar presentation on Sustainable Fire Engineering in Dubayy (UAE).  In August 2008, he returned to India to make a presentation on Fire Engineering Practice After WTC 9-11 at the FSAI Seminar in Bengaluru;  earlier in February 2006, he had made a similar Keynote Presentation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


C.J. Walsh continues to be involved in innovative architectural and interior design projects, and the restoration of historical buildings … and to travel widely and regularly, making important keynote presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops.


Much Earlier … during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s … C.J. Walsh worked as Research & Technical Officer in the Building Control Section of Dublin City, having responsibility for the specialized technical and fire safety related aspects of legislation and building inspections.  During this latter period, he was also in charge of the operation of the 1988 Local Government (Multi-Storey Buildings) Act, which resulted from the collapse of the multi-storey apartment block ‘Raglan House’, in January 1987, due to a gas explosion in one of the apartments.

For approximately 12 years from the mid-1980’s, he was a Member of the National Masonry Panel, an NSAI Standards Consultative Committee.  His ground breaking text on ‘Progressive Collapse from Fire in Buildings’ appears in Irish Standard 325:Part 2:1995.  He is the first person to clearly distinguish this structural concept from the closely related concept of ‘Disproportionate Damage’.
From 1986-1990, he organized a series of very successful International Fire Conferences in Dublin … continuing on to chair Ireland’s first National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) involvement in CEN’s (European Standards Organization) Harmonization Process for European Fire Test Standards.



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